Theatre 57

Galway Independent Theatre Artist Collective
Advocacy work

Theatre57 is a collective of over 90 Galway-based independent* theatre artists. We are advocating for investment in sustainability and infrastructure to support independent theatre in Galway.

We first came together in May 2018, to discuss the challenges and benefits of making work in Galway and agreed that a pro-active approach was required to drive change in our sector.

Through multiple meetings, discussions and surveys, we came to understand the needs and backgrounds of our members and concluded that a Creative Hub could address many of the shortfalls we currently face, such as: lack of designated rehearsal and development space, lack of designated hot desk facilities, lack of on-going training, lack of a centralised information, advice and advocacy facility for local theatre artists.

Our intention is to rectify these shortcomings and create a legacy we can be proud of.

As Theatre57 grows and finds a venue, we welcome your support as a potential member, partner, patron and/or audience for our work.

*by independent we mean artists that are not in receipt of regular funding.

Theatre 57 launch photo by avi ratnayake 800